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2021 International Tourism Forum at Seoul

| Greetings

We have experienced the hardship from COVID-19. While World Health Organization announced COVID-19 as pandemic since March 2020, the tourism and hospitality industry went through closures and unemployment. This situation influenced any industry on the globe, the tourism and hospitality operations made every effort to overcome this hardship. Recently, many countries turned our days into “with COVID-19.”
At this time, the Korean society of Leisure and Tourism offers 2021 International Tourism Forum with a theme, “Inclusive Growth for Tourism’s Restart.” The aim of the 2021 ITC is to contribute to the inclusive growth of the tourism industry through discussion on the changes in the international tourism market by the impact of the COVID-19 and future directions on the industry. Through this international conference, we would like to share the idea for the tourism industry along with scholars, operators and government. That way, we hope to discover the direction we will pursue in the “with COVID-19” era. We feel privileged to have an opportunity to meet you and share valuable ideas. We wish you the very best. With regards,

Sunny Ham, Ph.D
2021 International Session Chair
Professor of Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

| Inclusive Growth for Tourism’s Restart

Dear members of the Korea Tourism and Leisure Society

The past couple of years have been the hardest hit with the uncertain obstacles the tourism market has faced during the pandemic.
The Korea Tourism and Leisure Association will hold the 56th biannual academic conference to give hope to millions of people worldwide and to discuss “Inclusive Growth for Tourism’s Restart” with all stakeholders in hospitality and tourism industry.

In particular, the conference will be held with the International Tourism Forum as well as college student’s academic contest. We are looking forward to all the supports and our KASLE board team will do our best to make this conference the best it has been. I hope to see you in good health at the upcoming conference. Thank you.

Kim Hak-jun, chairman of the Korea Academic Society of Tourism and Leisure
Chun Hejin, chairman of the 2021 International Tourism Forum
bottom_img.jpg     The Korean Academic Society of Tourism and Leisure
Conference Organizing Committee